WVS Students Embrace Start of School Year

Walking around the building, you can sense that the “vibe” is a bit different than last school year. Students are enthusiastic, eager to learn, and embracing the new “normal” this time around.  Students were enjoying their recess, engaging in classroom activities, and yearning to share their first week of school experiences. 

A few 5-6 students had some remarks about their first week of school:

Meredith: “My favorite things we have done so far is math, and outdoor activities like kickball and our upside down competitions. For math, we’ve been working on mental math and doing math out loud, like division.”

Keira: “We’ve been learning math in fun ways.”

The students in Mrs. Gallinari’s class have also been doing lots of reading, enjoying their morning meetings where sometimes they play the game “is this seat taken” which helps them build their classroom community and communication skills. 

The 4th grade class was outside enjoying recess before they were asked how their first week back at school has been for them. 

Students in the 4th grade class have been working on a lot of projects, such as on the computer, building cup towers, and developing and signing class contracts. They love reading; one student said Harry Potter, while in class they read a poem called Love that Dog, in which they reflected on after reading. 

The students at WVS are certainly excited to be back in school and are eager to learn and grow!

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