WVS Celebrates Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

On Wednesday, students at WVS celebrated the renowned author Dr. Seuss on his 100th birthday! Classes were doing special activities for the occasion, including having their own green eggs and ham, a parade, and of course reading his famous work! Kindergarten even did a shape walk, where they had to do a scavenger hunt identifying the shape they were holding with objects around the school. There were reading activities in 2nd grade, where students worked on a sheet based on which Dr. Seuss book they were reading.

Other classes were diligently working, despite all the celebration throughout the hallways. In 3rd grade, students were listening to a book being read aloud on the SmartBoard, and were tasked with enhancing their opinion writing skills they have been working on lately. Fourth grade students were working quietly on their writing, as well. And in Pre-K, students were enjoying some play time; whether it was individually or with a group of their peers.

It was certainly an exciting day at WVS! Check out the highlights below!

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