Welcome Back!

Welcome back students, staff, and the entire GRCSU community! Last week was our first three days of school for the 2021-2022 school year. This school year will look similar to last year, however many of the restrictions placed on students in the previous school year have been lifted. Therefore, these first few days students and staff learned to navigate the new rules. The days were filled with learning, fun activities, and all-around a great kick-off to the new year. Sports are back in full-force again; please check out the livestreams of the games as we are continuing to provide that for this year again. 

It was so great to see smiling, laughing faces in our hallways once more. We are excited to see what the school year will bring as we watch our community grow in learning, excitement, and collaboration as we navigate the constantly changing COVID environment around us. Let’s keep the enthusiasm up high and continue this great energy throughout the year!

Here is a message from Chris Sell, Superintendent: “I wanted to say “thanks” to each of you for an excellent start to the school year. It was exciting to see all of the kids back in the classroom and the positive energy return to our schools – I am looking forward to a great school year. I hope that each of you has a safe and relaxing holiday weekend.”

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