Warm Hugs on a Cold Day at PrES

With today coming in as one of the coldest days of the year so far, walking into the warm school building was the first warm hug of the day.

The second warm hug(s) came from walking into the kindergarten classroom, where students were enjoying snack time. Two students ran up to give some hugs and share what they brought for snack. In first grade, they have a goal to reach 2,000 books read on epic! and are at 1,989 and were super determined to complete their goal by the end of the day today.

In Ms. Palmer’s class, students were playing a multiplication card game in groups scattered around the classroom. And in Ms. Mullin’s class, it was also snack time for students before they were to head to art class. While they were in art class, they were learning how to needle felt with pictures they picked out themselves. And in Ms. Elliott’s class, students were also enjoying snack time while watching Monster’s Inc. And in Mr. Manney’s 6th grade class, students were listening and learning about division problems.

However, in Ms. Fagan’s 5th grade class, a special project was underway. Fresh, ready to hatch trout eggs were hand-delivered to the class so they can observe the eggs in their tank as they hatch and grow. They were learning about the stages of growth and what to expect from these “class pets.” What a cool way to learn about a local fish species! The students were certainly excited and cannot wait to see the eggs hatch.

Lastly, in gym class, students were playing a classic game of dodgeball with an added twist; they had to knock down the opponents’ bowling pins as well. Students were playing hard as upbeat music played in the background.

Despite the cold weather outside, it was certainly warm inside Proctor Elementary this morning. Check out some of the highlights below!


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