Thank You GRCSU Staff

GRCSU faculty and staff – As we get ready to break for the summer, I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for all of your hard work and dedication over the course of this year. I hope each of you finds time this summer to relax, visit with family and friends, and enjoy your time away from school. 

In addition, I would like to recognize and congratulate the following GRCSU staff members retiring this year. Thank you for your dedicated service to our children, schools, and communities. I wish you nothing but the best and that you enjoy a long, happy, and fulfilling retirement. 

Congratulations to our GRCSU retirees!

  • Marian Ackerman (Student Support Counselor – Proctor Jr/Sr High School)

  • Rick Beal (Principal – Middletown Springs Elementary School)

  • Kathleen Cronin (Paraeducator – Poultney Elementary School)

  • Elizabeth Lebrun (Teacher – Poultney High School)

  • Margaret McDonald (Teacher – Poultney Elementary School)

  • Carl Serrani (Facilities Director – West Rutland School)

  • Laurie Serrani (Administrative Assistant – Proctor Elementary School)

  • Antoinette Stickney (Teacher – West Rutland School)


Enjoy your well-deserved summer break – I look forward to seeing you at the end of August!  


Chris Sell

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