Sports & Society at WRS

A brand new elective course has begun at West Rutland School (WRS). Sports & Society is a new course that ultimately encompasses this thematic question: “Do sports promote the continuing development of a democratic society? Throughout the course, students will learn about the relationship between sport and the social, economic, cultural and political forces at work in the world. In Monday’s class, they talked about the Super Bowl and its impact on American society. Now, they are tasked with picking a significant sporting event, creating a timeline to highlight changes over the years, and tie the event(s) into if it unites (or divides) American society. Some examples include: World Baseball Championship, (Ultimate Fighting Championship, National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, World Cup, NBA All Star game, Pro Bowl, the Olympics, and March Madness. “It’s fun learning about the history of sports and how they affect us,” stated Brendan Cardi. Matthew Olewnik, the teacher of the course, spoke about how exciting it is to offer a new course for students. “This (course) allows each kid to learn what they can and apply it to their lives, not necessarily memorizing every piece of information they learn,” Olewnik said. 

This is a great opportunity for students to learn something new and they certainly seem to be enjoying the class!

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