Shark Tank at WRS

At West Rutland School on Friday the 13th, Sharks were amuck! Why? Well, they hosted the annual Shark Tank Show! Seventh grade students in Ms. Rodolfy’s Genius Block created a product to present to a group of judges, called “The Sharks,” similar to the TV show. The learning goal for students was to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams. They also used digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts, and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others. 

The Sharks were teacher volunteers who critiqued and offered advice for contestants. The students completed market research by polling the school on items they would most likely purchase. Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade gave their opinions which the Genius Block students then used to come up with their ideas. Ms. Rodolfy’s students created a real product, logo, slogan, and advertising campaign as well as cost analysis for production which they presented to the Sharks. The products students designed included handmade bracelets, “dirt cups”, ice cream in a bag, and monster-shaped crayons. 

The students did an amazing job presenting their products, and the Sharks enjoyed each one. The winning product was Little Monster Crayon Making Company by Maci Howard and Jennalyn Boguslawski! These two students now become the class CEO’s and will direct the “company” through the next phase. The class will begin filming and editing their television commercial for the Westside Daily Morning Announcements on YouTube as well as start production of their special crayons. Soon, they will be sold to all the other students at WRS. All proceeds from their sales will go towards new technology equipment. Well done to all of the seventh grade students for their hard work!

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