Safety Day at PrES

This morning, students at Proctor Elementary had the opportunity to go outside and learn about various ways to be a safe citizen in the community. We had representatives from the Proctor Volunteer Fire Department, Rutland County Sheriff’s Department, Rutland Regional Ambulance, Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC), Proctor Gas, Sara’s Stories, PrES Safety Committee, and Rutland Humane Society.

Students walked to each station, enthusiastic to learn more about not only safety, but also what each sector entails. With Sara’s Stories, each student was able to take a book of their choosing. At the Humane Society, they learned about safety with animals and were able to take coloring pages. When they visited Proctor Gas, they learned the dangers of fireplaces and gas appliances, including a very stinky scratch and sniff brochure. The RRMC station gave them the opportunity to learn about the difference between candy and medication.

Rutland Regional Ambulance taught the students how an EKG works, when to call 911 in a medical emergency, and even how to support someone who may have broken bones. The Proctor Fire Department taught the students about not being afraid of firefighters, what to do if they encounter fire or smoke, and how high their ladders on the trucks can go! Lastly, the Sheriff’s department spoke to students about sidewalk and railroad safety.

The students were very engaged at each station, eager to learn and see how each aspect operated. Thank you to all those who came today! Check out the highlights below.


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