Project FeederWatch: Bird Walk Video

Yesterday afternoon, students at Rutland Town School continued their quest of collecting data for Project FeederWatch. Staff, community members, and the Rutland County Audubon Society came to help guide students through the nature trails behind the school in search of local birds. Binoculars in hand, students treaded the trails in groups. They saw a variety of birds, including chickadees, nuthatches, titmouse, and even a red-bellied woodpecker. With help, they also learned how to use their binoculars, identify trees, and even take educated guesses as to who made the various nests they observed.

The data they collected yesterday will be included in their report to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology later this winter. Thank you to the Rutland County Audubon Society, community members, and RTS staff for their support with this project. Stay tuned for more highlights of this project!

To view the video of the bird walk, please click the link below.

Project FeederWatch: Bird Walk

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