PrHS Senior Spotlight: Thomas (TJ) Pecor

This week Proctor High School is proud to shine the senior spotlight on:
Thomas (TJ) Pecor

1. What is your favorite PrHS memory?
Winter carnival was always fun, doing fun games with classmates and other classes was a great experience.

2. What activities/sports/clubs/jobs do/did you participate in?
I only really played basketball for a couple of years.

3. What adult in this building do you think knows you the best?
Ms. Papandrea – “One of my favorite things about TJ is that he always balances logic with following his heart to make his dreams become reality. He never hesitates to “think big” or turn his goals into action. TJ embraces the spotlight rather than shying away from it and wholeheartedly shows the world that putting yourself out there and taking a chance can be a blast!”

4. What is your plan for after high school?
I’m going to Seattle to take a stuntman course, hopefully I’ll land a job after that, and the rest will be history

5. What advice do you have for the underclassmen?
Just get through it. High school can be rough sometimes but just remember how close you are to being done, and even if you’re a freshman, three more years is nothing in terms of a lifetime, just get through this and your whole world will open up.

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