PrHS Senior Spotlight: Reagan Dean

This week Proctor High School is proud to shine the senior spotlight on:
Reagan Dean
What is your favorite PrHS memory?
Winter Carnival
What activities/sports/clubs/jobs do/did you participate in?
I work at Mendon Mini-Golf
What adult in this building do you think knows you the best?
Ms. Marcus – “Although she can be very quiet, Reagan is always engaged in the work we do in class. She works hard and demonstrates responsibility through taking care of her dogs and holding a part time job. I am very proud of what Reagan has accomplished at PrHS, and I am excited to see what she will do with her business degree. I wish her the best of luck next year.”
What is your plan for after high school?
I plan on going to college for business.
What advice do you have for the underclassmen?
Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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