PrHS Senior Spotlight: Angel Traverse

This week Proctor High School is proud to shine the senior spotlight on:
Angel Traverse

What is your favorite PrHS memory?
My favorite memory is our class becoming a whole family and doing stuff with one another like going out with the class to Franklins or going ice skating.

What activities/sports/clubs/jobs do/did you participate in?
Soccer, basketball, softball, photo club.

What adult in this building do you think knows you the best?
Mrs. Currao – “I met Angel when she entered PrHS at age 12. She was just starting to come into her own. She was a little bit shy, but once she came out of her shell, she was a bright, sassy, fun, young lady. She worked hard to fit in and once she realized that people liked her for who she was, she settled in nicely. Angel is kind, thoughtful, and spunky. Her tough exterior is just a facade. My hope for Angel is she will value her worth and reach for the stars. She has so much potential.

My favorite memory of Angel is her coming to my office during her study halls to make a PB + J’s. She would sit and chat about her dreams. It was during this time, when I learned how lovely Angel was. I will miss her a lot!”

What is your plan for after high school?
I might take a gap year to give myself time to learn what I want to do.

What advice do you have for the underclassmen?
Don’t give the teachers a hard time. Do your work on time.

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