Poultney Elementary School’s 4th Graders Excel in Innovative STEM Project

Poultney, December 5th, 2023 – Mrs. Kelley’s 4th-grade class at Poultney Elementary School showcased exceptional problem-solving skills and ingenuity during a recent engaging STEM activity. With a focus on practical application, the students embarked on a project integrating coordinate grids and problem-solving techniques to design and build their own unique sleigh prototypes.

The project was structured around a comprehensive process that challenged students to identify a need, brainstorm, design, share a solution, build, redesign, and test and evaluate their creations. The central objective was to construct a sleigh that met specific criteria—lightweight yet robust enough to carry a load.

Throughout the duration of this immersive learning experience, the students enthusiastically delved into the world of STEM, applying their knowledge and skills to create innovative solutions. Mrs. Kelley’s class demonstrated remarkable teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity while navigating each phase of the project.

“STEM education is all about fostering curiosity and problem-solving skills,” expressed Mrs. Kelley, the enthusiastic educator guiding this transformative learning experience. “The students truly embraced the challenge and showcased their abilities, learning not just about coordinate grids and design but also about persistence, collaboration, and the joy of discovery.”

The students not only met but surpassed expectations, showcasing sleigh designs that were not only functional but also reflected their unique perspectives and inventive approaches. Each prototype demonstrated a blend of practicality and creativity, highlighting the students’ dedication and enthusiasm for the project.

One student, excited about the experience, shared, “I loved working on the sleigh project! It was fun to imagine, build, and test our designs. We learned a lot about how to make something strong but also lightweight.”

Poultney Elementary School remains committed to providing innovative and immersive learning experiences that empower students to develop essential skills for the future.

This engaging STEM project not only ignited a passion for problem-solving and design but also fostered a sense of accomplishment and confidence in the students. Mrs. Kelley’s class at Poultney Elementary School exemplifies the power of hands-on learning experiences in nurturing critical skills essential for success in the 21st century.

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