PoHS WIN Olympics, Pathways, and English, Oh My!

Yesterday was a busy day at PoHS, especially for the 8th grade class, as they were holding their WIN Olympics! They held a photo contest, and persisted through several challenges, such as balancing a yard stick for as long as possible. The students really got into the competition, cheering their teammates, exhibiting true school spirit. They certainly were taking it very seriously, but were having fun at the same time.

In Ms. Mason’s pathways class, students were either working on a music video project, or starting on their personalized learning project. Some students exhibited their music videos, and they came out remarkable! Other students began to work independently; with some working with MagicPlan, an application used for interior design and architecture. A project proposed to them, which some students chose, was to start collecting stories and photos to share on the website(s), which will later be compiled into a Pathways yearbook. The students enjoy personalized learning, because they can choose something that truly interests them, such as video games, sports, etc., and learn new concepts that they are most excited about.

Later, in the same classroom, 9th grade English class was quietly working on their reading assignments, as they are reading “The Hate U Give”; working on their vocabulary and reading comprehension. In 8th grade English, students were also working independently on their reading comprehension and other projects.

It was certainly a busy Wednesday at Poultney High, but the students were working diligently, while maintaining an exciting, school-spirited environment. Check out the highlights from the morning below!

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