Perspectives from Pathways at PoHS

What’s it like to see the world as a student? How do they view their experiences within the halls? Poultney High School (PoHS) flexible pathway students showed us the world through their eyes with a special project.

Flexible pathways is a learning opportunity that allows students to apply their knowledge and skills to tasks of personal interest as part of the personalized learning planning process. Meaning, students learn valuable skills in areas that they are most interested in, that they can use moving forward in their academic and professional careers. 

Last week, students were tasked with a photo contest. The idea was for students to create photographs that envelop what it means to be a Poultney High School student. Viewers would be able to get a sense of the spirit that engulfs the hallways, from the eyes of the students. 

Photos were judged on how well they captured this theme, with other points for editing and composition. First place certainly captured the spirit of a PoHS student, showing students having fun outside with their peers. The second place photo also displayed the theme quite well, and also exhibited great editing skills. Great work to all the students who submitted a photo! Check them out below. 



All other submissions:


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