Learning back in full-swing at PrES

Students have been back to school for almost a month now, and their learning is back in full-swing! While the air outside is starting to get colder, inside Proctor Elementary, there was a sense of warmth and excitement as students diligently worked in their classrooms.

Pre-K students were in circle time, discussing how and learning their numbers by using their ages. Kindergarten students were working on their counting, holding up their fingers depending on how many circles they could see as the cards were shown to them. First grade students were also working on math; they could choose from their folder which activity they wanted to work on, whether it was math games, pattern blocks, etc. In second grade, students were working independently on their reading and/or writing.

Students in third grade were also working on reading, however with a different approach. They were learning how to create and set goals so they can reach the class goal of reading for 30 minutes. They learned about the Party Step system, which is a stepping stool for them to reach their goals. Fourth graders were silently working on their Chromebooks.

The fifth grade classes were in their specials; one group was playing kickball in gym, while the other group was watching a movie in music class. And lastly, the sixth grade students were also working on math; deciphering multiplication problems.

Overall, it was quite the busy morning at Proctor Elementary School. Students are certainly enthusiastic to be back in school! Check out some of the highlights below.

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