Jared Campbell Brings Inspiration to Students

This morning, November 10th, a special presentation was held at Proctor Jr./Sr. High school. Jared Campbell is a well-known singer/songwriter from upstate New York, who travels the country performing for schools and other audiences. The lyrics to his songs are uplifting, thought-provoking, and provide inspiration to anyone who has the privilege of hearing them. His message to the students today focused on overcoming obstacles, standing up to bullying, having respect for one another, and changing the outlook on life. His voice rang through the gymnasium as he sang and spoke about why the lyrics to his songs are so meaningful to him, and to others. Student sat in the dimly lit room, soaking in what Jared had to say and participating when he asked them to clap along, make rain sounds, or finish the line to a song he was singing.

It was certainly an uplifting way to start the morning, with humor, songs, and influential words!


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