Introducing the Green Cast Podcast

We are proud to introduce to you the Green Cast Podcast! This podcast comes from the Green Team at Rutland Town School; a lunch bunch of third grade students who meet with Mr. Gross, our Assistant Principal, once or twice a week. The Green Team formed after students started to notice all the waste and trash that is left around Rutland Town School. They wanted to come up with a way to help reduce waste and keep the school clean. To make sure their voices are heard, they came up with the idea to create a podcast, where they will discuss various topics regarding waste, climate change, and making the world a cleaner place.

So please, enjoy episode one “Introduction to the Greens”! Check out some behind the scenes of the students hard at work developing and recording the podcast.

Green Cast Podcast, Little Voices, Big Solutions!

Episode One: Introduction to the Greens


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