Financial Literacy at WRS

West Rutland School offers a course called Financial Literacy. It is being taught by Ms. Mikayla Taylor. Students are learning about topics such as college planning/how to pay for college, taxes, credit card/debt, budgeting, and more! During a recent visit to the class, students were learning about taxes that get taken out of paychecks. They played a game, boys versus girls, where they had to match how much gets taken out of their paycheck for things such as government, health, Social Security, education, etc. and then match those to the respective programs (SNAP, Pell grants, Head Start, for example). 

This is a one semester course. “I hope one day it will be a year-long course, there are so many other topics I would love to teach!” says Taylor. It is great that WRS offers this course, because students will be able to know real world applications that will affect their daily lives after graduation.

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