EYES Program & Field Day at RTS

The last few days have been filled with fun activities and learning opportunities for students at Rutland Town. Seventh and Eighth grade students, starting last Friday, were given the opportunity to participate in the EYES program, an end of the year program where they can pick different “classes” to participate in. Classes ranged from graphic design, ethnic cuisine, backyard games, mountain biking, tennis, cigar guitars, and more! Students made t-shirts, helped in the art class with the younger students, 3D printed designs, made flyers and websites, went swimming, curated delicious meals, and played games outside in the beautiful summer weather.

Yesterday, June 14th, RTS held their annual Field Day. This included lots of outside games and activities for all students.

While it may be a hectic end to the school year, the students have worked hard all year and certainly enjoyed celebrating their hard work! Check out highlights from both events below!

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