ESports are back at GRCSU

Kelly McGee, who is a familiar face to the GRCSU community, is bringing back esports! He is the head coach for the team at Proctor Jr./Sr. High. Esports is where team members play against other schools in an online game. Our team plays Rocket League, a game where you play soccer with cars.

Currently, there are 5 team members participating in their Rocket League team. The reasoning behind bringing back esports club is simple: “it supports many of the soft skills we promote and want our students to learn. Club members are already seeing how important communication and collaboration are in order to be a successful team. You can’t do well in Rocket League without working together.” says McGee.

The Rocket League team will play until November 16th, with playoffs being between November 17th and December 8th.

When asked what he is most excited about when it comes to the esports club team, McGee states “I really like the relationships that are developing between our team members and how they are learning to work together.  Right now we are struggling to win games because not many of our players have much experience with Rocket League, but what is so encouraging is that no one on the team is blaming anyone else, we are all working together to find solutions and improve our game as a team.”

The GRCSU community is excited to see esports back and hopes it will continue to grow. Online gaming is a great way to learn soft skills and as McGee says, communication between peers. This is a great opportunity and thank you to Mr. McGee for bringing this back!

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