Career Explorations at WVS

Yesterday, Rutland County Senator Brian Collamore visited with Wells Village School during their weekly Monday meeting. Students from all grades learned about what a Senator does, and they asked brilliant questions. Brian then came down to the library to speak further with the 6th grade class. He told them about his path from working in radio broadcasting to his now career in politics.

The 6th graders then met with Jerremy Jones, who is a volunteer with the Lake St. Catherine Association. Students learned the importance of water clarity, removing invasive species, and protecting the native wildlife that inhabits the lake. They also learned that volunteering can be a career in it’s own way and/or it will enhance their skills for the career they would actually pursue.

This was a great learning opportunity for the 6th graders! They asked questions and engaged in conversation. Thank you to Ms. Woodruff for making this possible!

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