Career Explorations at WRS

This year within the GRCSU district, students have the opportunity to take Career Exploration; a .25 credit class that is offered as a Quarter class between West Rutland School and Poultney High School. The class is structured for optimal learning. On Mondays, Nathan Hickey, a representative from VSAC, joins the class with helpful activities and advice. On Tuesdays, they work on their passion projects; researching their desired career field with the goal of presenting their findings at the end of October/early November. Wednesdays, guest speakers join the class, representing a career field for that weeks’ theme. Thursdays, students work on transferable skills such as communication and interpersonal skills. On Fridays, students have been watching Road Trip Nation; a series where they explore Careers from all walks of life. What a great opportunity for students to learn about what life is like after high school and get them thinking about their futures!

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