Career Day at WVS

This morning, sixth grade students at Wells Village School had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Beal, Principal at Middletown Spring Elementary School. He highlighted his path to become a Principal, but really emphasized on his trip to Finland last month. He spent 7 days there, cross-country skiing with his daughter. Students learned about what it’s like travelling to a different country, and what it means to really go out of your comfort zone.

The second presenter was actually a fellow sixth grade classmate, who spoke about his business he developed. He has over 100 chickens, and therefore sells the eggs as his business. He takes care of the chickens and sells the eggs using a stand that has a cooler and cash register.

The students learned quite a bit today; including running a business and how travelling the world can impact you. Thank you to Mr. Beal, Logan, and Ms. Woodruff for this awesome opportunity! Check out the highlights below.


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