Brisk fall morning at WVS

Despite the cold start to the day yesterday, upon entering Wells Village school, it was warm and inviting. After breakfast, students settled into their work quietly.

In Kindergarten, they were just wrapping up their morning meeting, which included share time, and concluding it with a game of Bug in a Rug. The premise of the game is a student goes into the hallway, and once upon reentry, had to determine which of their classmates were missing and was the bug in the rug. In first grade, they had also just concluded their morning meeting, and were working on finding words that rhyme, then moving on to putting sounds together in order to make a word. Second grade was still in their morning meeting, reading the message from the board and transitioning to share time.

In third grade, students were quietly working on their reading, whether with a book or on Lexia. This was also the same for the 4th and 5th grade class; as they were all independently working on Lexia.

The sixth grade class was also wrapping up their morning meeting, sharing their experiences from the day prior, where they were Big Buddies to the Kindergarten class, where they worked on various projects and activities together.

Overall, it was a quiet morning yesterday at Wells Village School; almost so quiet you could hear the students minds buzzing with learning! Check out the highlights below!

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