Back to Business at WVS

It is almost always difficult for anyone to get back into a routine after a break, but students at WVS didn’t seem to have any issues getting back to work after the holiday break.

In kindergarten, students were drawing on a worksheet what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2022. They were extremely proud to show their drawings and talk about what they meant. In first grade, students were working on their spelling using tiles. One of the words they had to spell for Mrs. Cassidy was “maps” and all the students were correct!

In third grade, they were having their morning meeting, discussing about how to approach social situations when they are feeling big emotions instead of lashing out or causing a conflict. In 4th grade, students were working on reading comprehension either individually or in groups.

Fifth and sixth grade were in art class, working on a super neat project. They had to outline their hand and then use sharpie to create lines going across the hand to create a really cool effect. They were then able to color it in however they chose with any medium, such as crayons or markers.

In all, students were certainly working hard! Great work, Wildcats! Check out some of the highlights.


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