A Morning of Reading at MSES

Despite the chilly air outside, Middletown Springs Elementary students were certainly cozy in their classrooms, with most classes working on reading. In Kindergarten, students had just wrapped up with Lexia, and were transitioning into working on writing their letters. In first grade, students had also just finished with Lexia, and were focusing on a project where they were learning about bullying and understanding what to do in the case they might be bullied, or a friend is being bullied. Second grade students were listening to a story that was being read to them.

Third grade was not much different, as they were working on either Lexia or working on a worksheet to help them understand what they were reading. Fourth grade was in library; and each student was quietly reading the book they had chosen. It was so quiet in the library, you could almost hear their thoughts as they read! Fifth and sixth grade were also on their Chromebooks, working on Lexia; if they finished their assignment, they could silently read their book.

The students were certainly still working hard, even if it was quiet while they read. Great work! Check out the highlights below.


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