A Busy Afternoon at PrES

Yesterday afternoon, many students were working on their reading skills. In Pre-K, students were listening to a story that was being read to them. In 3/4, students were working on their vowel sounds, specifically why we say “and sometimes Y”. In 4th grade, students were working on worksheets based on a story read to them. In 1st grade, students were also thinking about the chapter book they have been reading, writing down questions they had about the book to discuss later on.

In Ms. Elliott’s class, the students were about to discuss one of their classmates work projected on the board. Sixth grade was starting their music class, practicing their drumming skills using drumsticks and plastic buckets as their “drums”.

Kindergarten was in gym class, listening to Mr. Eaton after playing a fun game with some students from Castleton University. For the last few minutes of class, they were able to go outside and have free play on the playground.

After school, the Girls on the Run team had their first full practice outside. It was also the first practice where the girls had to make a goal for how many laps they wanted to complete. Every single girl went beyond their goal!

It was certainly a busy afternoon at PrES yesterday. Check out the highlights below!

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