7th Grade Career Workshop at PoHS

Yesterday, Deborah Singiser, our Career Education Advisor, held a workshop for 7th grade students at PoHS. This workshop’s theme was manufacturing, so students could learn and understand the scope of careers within the sector. To start the workshop, students watched the famous clip from I Love Lucy where they work at the candy factory. Afterwards, in teams of three, students competed to wrap their own “Hershey kisses”, focusing on their roles within teams and what the difference between quantity and quality means. The discussion that followed focused on how their processes worked (or did not work), leadership, roles, and how it even pertains to their personalities.

In the second half, Nick Gould from Hubbardton Forge spoke about what manufacturing looks like today. He emphasized that there are many careers and positions within a company, not just at Hubbardton Forge. He explained their manufacturing process at the Forge through videos and discussion.

The students were engaged throughout the workshop and learned a great deal about manufacturing in general as well as paths they can take to reach their career goals. Thank you to Deborah and Nick and the staff!

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