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Welcome to the GRCSU IT Department

Please check out our new page that hosts a lot of general resources in terms of many common issues regarding remote learning: IT Resources

To Create a HelpDesk Ticket with an Email, send your request to ticket@grcsu.org

This ticket system is open to students, parents, families, and staff members so that we can accommodate your needs accordingly. Please see the first link below. Any other questions, please email: ticket@grcsu.org.

We understand that this is a time in our lives that may require many questions, adjustments, concerns, etc., in which we may not be aware. Please reach out with anything you may require.

IT Tech Team

Gregory Connors – Chief Technology Officer

Email: gregory.connors@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2110

Milton Gardner – IT System Administrator

Email: milton.gardner@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Vinnie Covino – IT Technician

Email: vinnie.covino@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Neil Daub – IT Technician

Email: neil.daub@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Bill Jalbert – IT Technician

Email: william.jalbert@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Shannon Moriarity – Website Developer

Email: shannon.moriarity@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you may find information regarding your issue. Please look below for a solution before submitting a ticket or reaching out to us. Of course, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Please click here to learn more about Google.

Please note: We are working on potentially developing a Google Suite workshop to go over how to use Gmail, Calendar, Forms, and creating your own Google Site.

Category: Google

Google Calendar is vital to making sure meetings, appointments, and other events are scheduled.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial to learn how to use Calendar.

Click here to learn how to use Calendar right from Google’s instructions and tips.

Category: Google

Google is a great resource to begin building your site. Start by looking here. YouTube is also your best friend!

We also have a SlideShow that will be used in Workshops that you may find helpful. You will find it here.

Category: Google

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Other Information

Periodically, we receive information that may not be covered under Frequently Asked Questions. These announcements will be posted below.

The ENA SmartVoice Portal v2.0 was released three months ago. With the growing concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus and how it may impact school operations, it has been recognized that additional time may be needed to introduce the new portal. Therefore, ENA has extended the availability of the v1.0 portal to June 30, 2020. At that time, the deadline will be reassessed based on the impacts of the coronavirus. If you have any questions, please contact ENA CTAC by phone (888-612-2880) or email (support@ena.com). As always, you can contact IT for any other help you may have.